Re: B-128 chips

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1998-12-05 22:15:08

Hello Ken,

On Sun, 15 Nov 1998, km wrote:

> Hi, after complementing you on you great site..

Hello and thanks!  I would like to have more time for maintaining it.

> would you know of a source for commodore b-128 ic's

No, but I'm sending this message to the cbm-hackers mailing list, where
somebody could help you.

> I picked one up as part of another purchase of commodore equipment
> and believe it is in need of the PLA ic or one of the basic roms.
> If I could get a hold of the microcode even I have acces to a rom burner
> that will handle 82s100's too.

If you can get the 82S100 contents in any format, please send it to me as
well, so that it can be archived.

> Thanks for any help you might be able to give - ken.

No problem.  And congratulations for obtaining such a nicely-looking
machine.  I might get a Commodore model 200 (a version of the PET 8032-SK 
with a rounded case) in January, and I think that it and the 500, 600 and
700 series are the best-looking computers I've ever seen.  The Austrian
architect student who could sell the computer to me wanted to know who
designed it, and I looked the design patent up at
USD0277857, invented by Ira Velinsky, Plainfield, N.J.  From the same
person there were the C64 cartridge case, the VIC-10 a.k.a. Ultimax case
and something that looked like the Commodore model 500.


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