Re: $DD00

From: Robin Harbron (
Date: 1998-10-26 05:40:01

Stephen Judd wrote:
>         First, the Chicago Expo yesterday was really great.  There were
> many interesting people there, and several, such as Robin Harbon
> and Nate Dannenberg, even stayed with me.  I'm touched, and it was a hoot.

14 hours of driving later, I'm home and safe - I agree
with Steve, it was a great time.  I had a lot of fun
talking with Jim Butterfield and also Maurice Randall
(the author of Wheels, a GEOS upgrade, and geoFax).

You other folks should drop by Steve's place sometime - 
he's a great host :)

Steve:  Very cool that you guys found the bug!
Robin Harbron

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