From: Ruud Baltissen (g.j.p.a.a.baltissen_at_kader.hobby.nl)
Date: 1998-10-23 22:32:24

Hallo C-men,

A Belgium friend of mine, Eduard Hontele, is interested in programming a so 
called "Domotica"-system with his C64. This system is meant to steer lights, 
heaters, sun-blinds and more of these things. The modules contain a 8051 and 
communicate by the main system using RS232, 300 Baud. He asked me if he should 
use BASIC, ML or C. My experience with BASIC compilers is that they make larger 
binaries then the original source. So my 3 main questions are:
1) What size do C-compilers make?
2) Who can give me some advise what (Public Domain) C-compiler to use? 
3) I'm not good in C compared to my knowledge of C64-BASIC. I don't know 
Eduards ML-knowledge and I never programmed the RS232-interface in ML so I 
would advise him to start in BASIC. Please some advise especially regarding the 


Groetjes, Ruud

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