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From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1998-10-22 14:53:50

The Information Technology department at Helsinki University of Technology
got an own building this week.  Because of the move to the new building,
the Linux box was shut down (probably last Friday), and it
wasn't connected to the net until today.

I have some bad news and good news.  The bad news: the /pub/cbm filesystem
on is almost full.  Because of this, the creation of the file
description database can fail.  And as Mr. Murphy says, something bad that
can happen will happen.  The file descriptions on
and /pub/cpm were lost last Wednesday or so.  I restored the 00INDEX files
from a copy I had made in July, and all newer files are lacking the
descriptions.  If anyone has a newer copy of /pub/cbm, please check the
file and help me
if you can.  (André Fachat already sent me some descriptions for some
files, but they are not the original ones.)

The good news: there are some 8296 schematics at

What else?  Is anyone interested in proof-reading my Master's Thesis?  I
have about 36 pages of text right now, and by the end of next week (before
I leave for Dublin, New York, Boston and San Fransisco), I hope to have
the whole thing finished, over 70 pages.  The work is about writing a
compiler (SDL compiler if that matters).  I'd like to have some comments
about it by the time I return, that is, around the 20th of November.  This
is quite off-topic, but learning something about compilers might be useful
some day.  Who knows, maybe someone will write a 6502 back-end for the
compiler, and one day all telephone switches in the world will be running
on C64s. :-)


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