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From: Ilker Ficicilar (
Date: 1998-10-13 10:04:26

 Yet another solution for the question below follows...

On Mon, 12 Oct 1998, Larry Anderson wrote:
> Ruud Baltissen wrote:
> > Hallo Michael,
> > <> schreef:
> > > From: Michael Theiss <>
> > > Subject: question
> > >
> > > i've a c128 an a cpm monitor "1901". now i've heard that this monitor
> > > can be used as a tv-screen (with extern receiver ), but i can't find any
> > 
> > I've seen advertisements of these TV-tuners. Consider it as a TV without a
> set channels under a panel).  I think a working VCR would be a better
> investment, the 1902 would be a crisp montor for playing stuff on, also ou

  I hacked a mini car TV for this purpose and I get color composite 
video signal from this black/white TV. You only need to solder a wire to 
one of the legs of one of the transistors :-) 
I installed two RCA outputs to the rear of the TV (one for the sound) and 
connected it to my 1802. It works. I've also installed a switch to cut 
video feed to internal tube of TV. This modification does not require 
expertise. Only problem is locating the right points to solder. 

Ilker Ficicilar


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