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From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1998-10-13 04:23:35

MagerValp wrote:
> MV> With IRC and Settlers 2 being two other ways of doing it. Oh well,
> MV> back top work.
> Martijn> Don't forget Civilisations, Populous, Dune II, Command &
> Martijn> Conquer, WarCraft II, Ages of Empires, StarCraft and basicly
> Martijn> every other game capable of networking.
> Tell me about it... So in a desperate attempt to get back on topic:
> were there any "networkable" (modem link or whatever) games for the
> C64 besides modem wars?

Yep a few...  Hmm let me recall, Commercial was Operation Terminal (or was it
Operation Modem?)

Then for Shareware/Freeware:

Baudleship (one in RUN another I saw on Q-Link
Phoneopoly - Modem Monopoly (I thought I had this one but can never find it.)
Arena - Probably one of the more popular modem games that was available on Q-Link.

I that's all I can remember.  :/

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