Re: JiffyDOS and surface-mounted chips

From: Mark (
Date: 1998-10-12 01:26:03

On 11-Oct-98, Frank Kontros wrote:
> Actually I've a C64 game cartridge with surface mounted PROM. More
> precisely it is not only SMD but without package (some glue over it).

I don't know how many C64 carts were like this, but my first one (Pitstop by
Epyx, bought in maybe 1984 or 85) used a "chip-on-board" IC like this.

BTW, is it the case that the chips used for this may be EPROMs (except not
eraseable due to the black resin)? If so, they will have the same limited
lifespan as EPROMs. Sigh.

-- Mark

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