Re: P00-format

From: Frank Kontros (
Date: 1998-10-09 22:29:16


>>This is the only info I have. How can you see it is a SEQ, DEL or USR?

>You can't, I don't think.

FYI the file type (PRG, USR, DEL, SEQ) is stored in extension. Eg.
.p00, .s01, .r00, .d63. The last is very confusing if the length isn't
known, because .d64, .d71, .d81 reserved extensions for disk images.
The numbers in extensions necessary for DOS-like OS's where only 8-char
names allowed, and the names are identical.

>This is not as big a deal as it sounds, since
>really PRG, SEQ and USR are stored sequentially (VLIR excepted, but even
>the VLIR header is just a binary SEQ file saved as type USR). Ditto for
>DEL files. The only significant format change is in the REL files.

Right. But how you then separate RELative files from other files without


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