Re: That NTSC/PAL 1084 monitor thing...

From: Geoff Oltmans (
Date: 1998-10-03 05:30:02

Stephen Judd wrote:

> Yeah, I always figured that's what they were for.  One of them was
> clearly off-center, and sure enough, turning it back fixed up the
> problem (I think someone else had tried to "fix" the monitor).

> The only other 1084 problems I have had are the dreaded cold solder joints.
> FWIW, the first time around I located the problem by moving the PCB around
> in a dark room; the arcing was then visible.  Now I think they bad
> joints are pretty easy to find, though -- flow a little new solder in
> them and voila!  Good for another 10-20 years.
Yeah, forgot to mention the bit about bad solder joints. Another typical
problem on 1084's is on the power supply, resulting in a short temporary
loss of picture and an audible "TICK!" from the monitor. The power
supply does it's job, but apparently the placement of some of the
components wasn't too good. The fix is to use a non-conductive sealer on
the solder side of the board after cleaning off any built-up carbon. I
have heard that eventually the arcing will cause carbon deposits to
reach from one trace to the other, acting like a resistor and shorts out
the circuit. Not good. :)

> Anyways, turning the pot seems to have done the trick, so thanks
> guys!  And it still doesn't do PAL color :).  One down and 4 more
> monitors to go :).

I remain one of the folks CONVINCED that 1084s came in either PAL OR
NTSC and NOT both. Sure, the Amiga has a PAL mode, but it does PAL
resolutions through the RGB port. The Amiga will also do PAL type
refresh through the composite video out, but the color encoding is still
NTSC so that doesn't count. :) I have a feeling that this is what the
people that claim their 1084's will do both are experiencing here.

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