Re: That NTSC/PAL 1084 monitor thing...

From: Geoff Oltmans (
Date: 1998-10-03 03:46:57

Martijn van Buul wrote:
> Stephen Judd wrote:
> > P.S. Does anyone happen to have suggestions as to how to fix up a
> > monitor whose vertical sweep is toast, and oh by the way what about
> > a monitor which seems to have extra red saturation? :)
> While I don't know about that sweep thingy, it should be possible to fix
> the saturation part. IIRC, there are 3 potentiometers on the small
> PCB connected to the CRT. You can use them to adjust the saturation levels
> of each different colour.
> (at least, it worked for me and my old 1084S)

That is true. Virtually all monitors have these pots (the 1084's indeed
have them). On some you might even have two per color, one for something
akin to black level and the other for saturation. Usually fiddling
around with these will work, provided of course something else in the
monitor isn't screwed up (which is likely since you have to fiddle with
them in the first place).

Older monitors in general have problems with electrolytic caps in
particular. Since the inside of the monitor gets relatively warm, it
tends to slowly dry out the electrolyte fluid used in the caps. They dry
out, they change values. Several places will sell a "monitor rebuild
kit" (I believe Paxtron used to do this for the 1084's) that will fix
the majority of problems...they always include a handful of caps, and
sometimes some replacement vert/horiz sweep transistors, sometimes
flybacks, etc. You might check with them for a kit, can't remember if
they're still selling 'em.

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