That NTSC/PAL 1084 monitor thing...

From: Robin Harbron (
Date: 1998-10-02 04:06:14

Stephen Judd wrote:
> These monitors just seem too rare to me; it's hard to believe that
> C= did some special production run.  I have 1080's and 1084's from
> 1986-1990, and not one of them does PAL (composite signal of course)
> color, at least not with my PAL-converted 64.

Well, I finally heard back from that guy who claims to
have the "1084 that displays colour when hooked up to
both a NTSC *and* a PAL C64"... here's what he says:

>> Hey :)  Do you really have a 1084 that does
>> both PAL and NTSC in colour?  I gotta know!
>> I've heard that they exist, but I've never
>> seen one for myself.
>> If you get a chance, let me know the serial
>> number of it too :)

>        Yep... here's what it says on the back:

>Model No. 1084
>115V AC 50/60Hz 75W
>SERIAL NO. 000714

So, anyone have a 1084 made around this time?
What are your serial numbers like?

Mine has two stickers on the back...

one reads:
Model NO.1084S-P 120VAC 50/60Hz 75W  CSA LR58447

the other:
Color Monitor Model No. 1084S-P
120 VAC 60Hz 1 AMP 75W
July 1990  Serial No. 199414

Strange that it says 50/60Hz on one, and just 60Hz
on the other, no? :)
Robin Harbron
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