Re: 1764 with my SX

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1998-09-29 19:15:10

MagerValp wrote:
> I just received a 1764 REU upgraded to 512K together with JiffyDOS and
> a 1351 mouse :) Am I right in thinking that it's not a good idea to
> plug it into my SX-64?

I don't think it's a wise idea.

> Wasn't it supposed to come with a power supply?

Yep, it's a flat C=128 brick-type supply but with a round connector for the 64.

> And how do I get the metal shield off without hurting it?

You kinda have to pull open the shield and then pop it out of the 'groove' in
the shielding it nests in (assuming it's like the ones in the U.S.) it's not
that bad once you figure it out.

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