Re: 1764 with my SX

From: Robin Harbron (
Date: 1998-09-29 14:49:22

MagerValp wrote:
> I just received a 1764 REU upgraded to 512K together with JiffyDOS and
> a 1351 mouse :) Am I right in thinking that it's not a good idea to
> plug it into my SX-64? Wasn't it supposed to come with a power supply?
> And how do I get the metal shield off without hurting it?

Nothing but simple game carts work in my SX-64 - I'm told
that's because of the weak power supply in the SX.  Even
if the 1764 power supply came with your unit, it wouldn't
directly do you any good - the 1764's power supply is really
just a replacement for the standard C64 power supply, which
of course, can't be used directly with the SX.
Robin Harbron

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