Diskdrive loading problem

From: Henry Sopko (henry.sopko_at_hwcn.org)
Date: 1998-09-18 09:05:39

        I have a C64 that may have a bad CIA chip, but I want to be sure
first before I go through the work of replacing it. Maybe someone on the
list can give some trouble shooting tips to narrow the problem down. Okay,
the problem is when I try to do any file loading, I will get the message
"searching for (name of file)" and thats it. No drive access at all. The
drive light does not come on. Even a "@" command from the wedge to get the
DOS version after I do a RESET will do nothing. However, if I turn the
drive off, the screen prints "deive not present" and a blinking cursor
appears. The disk drive has been successfully tested on a C128 without a
problem, so I know it is the C64. Help Anyone? (Marko?)


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