From: Henry Sopko (henry.sopko_at_hwcn.org)
Date: 1998-09-18 07:46:37


    Does anyone know the what speed a eprom must be for it to work in the
C64? I have two eproms that are 350 ns, and fail in my C64. I burned a
custom kernal eprom the other day, and was suprised that it failed (one
all together as I got no screen at all. The other eprom worked for about
15 minutes or so, then failed. Gets very hot!) Anyways, these eproms are
the pin-for-pin compatable 24 pin eproms that should work in the C64. They
do okay in my VIC-20. Is it the speed? Maybe 300 ns is the slowest for the
C64? The eproms part number is: MC68766C35. Any info would be appreciated.



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