Re: 1551

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 1998-09-17 13:09:29

> > A link in
> > would be nice, though.
> OK, created the 1551 directory again.
> > Same in
> Once someone uploads the schematic diagram, I will create a directory for
> it.

Yes, someone, hurry up and do it! I want that diagram desperately! For one
thing, I want to know if it's possible to hack the 1551 into allowing more
than two device addresses. (this is, of course, a function of the PLA in
the interface cartridge, but that ought to be in the schematics too)

> > (Anyway, I still don't understand the "new"/"old" distinction 
> > between the drives. After all, there are not that many to
> > say the complete list is too long....)
> The distinction is clear: the old drives have IEEE-488 interface and the
> new drives the serial bus interface (hmm, except the 1551).

Yup, the 1551 is out there in the cold, on its own. Perhaps a third
directory for "TCBM" devices (hmm, all 1 of them) if you want to be

Does anyone know what's different about the 6510T in the 1551? Or is the
'T' just an indication of its use in a TED series machine. Perhaps it
indicates 2MHz operation? Damn, we need those schematics!

Marko, I had a look at the ROM inside my 1551. It is a 318001-01, exactly
the same as the part number in firmware/drives/ etc. I'll upload it next
week, if you still want it. Do I need a login and password to upload to ?


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