Re: 1551

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 1998-09-16 14:54:35

> Christian Janoff just uploaded the 1551 drive firmware to
> Richard, could you dump the ROM from your drive, so that we can compare if
> they are equal?  And I'd still like to have that test/demo disk, if you
> have one.

OK, I'll write a short plus/4 program to switch in a low ROM ($8000 -
$bfff) and save it to disk. I suppose I can still use the ordinary kernal
"jump table" routines, even though there's a 1551 as device 8 rather than
a serial device.

ROMs that need dumping are my 1551 ROM and the version of the C16 kernal
not already up on funet. Has anyone ever run a diff (or similar) utility
on those kernals (NTSC versions), to see exactly what was changed?


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