Re: KIM-1 docs

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 1998-09-04 16:00:51

>> Ok, I checked it anyway. But I do occasionally get strange characters
>> "~U" and "~C" in vi. Also strange because ~U seems to represent
>> several different characters. I don't have the source, so I cannot
>> help you. Can you check the docs please?
>And, before it seems I'm too ungraceful - A really nice software it is, indeed!
>I'll certainly keep it. Well done :-)

I forgot to mention in all of this that I have most of the KIM-1's docs,
including Jim Butterfield's First Book of KIM-1. (Plus a working unit, but
that's beside the point. :-) If you want someone with the original sources to
spin through it ... ?

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