Re: IEEE interface

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-09-04 10:54:05

[EXROM/GAME switch]
MagerValp wrote:
> Andre> That's in fact what I've done :-) Swtich between "open",
> Andre> "expansion port" and "GND"
> what's the reason for having both open and GND?

Open is inactive, GND is active. And the third position 
leaves it to the module.

[IEEE interface]
> Christ, that's stupid. Argh! :) So my current transfer procedure from
> the net to my PET is: UNIX server at work -> Amiga -> 1581 -> tape
> (w/o turbo) -> 8050. :P

Of the net I can write to a PC disk and use my selfbuilt computer
as PC-style disk drive for my C64 - but my C128 as it lacks the IEEE
bus. The other way round I can now directly save to the PC with
the IEEE interface at the LPT port. 
Only that damn loading won't work :-(


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