Re: 9V AC needed for C64? and more......

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 1998-09-03 22:41:32

Hallo allemaal,

49 emails in 4 days, we are really busy again :-).

I ones had a nice VW Beetle wit a build in C64. One day a big ugly truck drove 
over because it brakes failed. Hours and hours of hard work went straight to 
the moon. Anyway I used two 7805s plus some 3A-diodes to create the 5 Volt. The 
diodes, 5 for every 7805, where used to drop the input voltage so the the 7805 
had less heat to generate. The 12V was generated using a NPN-transistor, a 
resistor and two zenerdiodes. The zenerdiodes made up a barrier of 11.3V. Add 
the 0.7V of the BE-diode and you have 12V. A 7812 could not be used as it needs 
at least an extra 2V for correct funtioning. A generator running at higher 
speeds does produce 14V or more but a lot of cars, especially the older ones 
like the Beetle, don't generate enough voltage when running idle. The transitor 
solution worked out fine. Only during starting the engine my video got mixed up 
but I had no problems with a running program or whatever.

The 50 Hz for the TOD I generated out of CLK2 using a 74HCT4040 and a 74LS133. 
I cannot remember if I used more parts for this item but the above where the 
main ones.

IEEE-manuals: Per, I don't mind checking them as well.

KIM-docs: I don't mind using other characters for the used graphical characters 
but then someone has to tell me which ones to use instead.

Cameron> Because the 1581, while MFM, isn't FAT.

Please explain. I thought that all 3.5" drives used MFM so.... I have no 
troubles reading a MSX-floppy i.e. I can read sectors. The PC itself cannot do 
anything with it because the structure is different. 
I was also told that the 3.5" drives where "intelligent". I never found out 
what was meant with this. Does anybody know? (I know that NOT is meant that 
those drives have there own little CPU like the C= drives, or am I wrong in 

Groetjes, Ruud

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