Re: 9V AC needed for C64?

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 1998-09-03 16:04:25

>> Martijn> since this is used to create the 12V needed by the VIC and
>> Martijn> SID. Furthermore, the Time Of Day-clock from the CIAs are
>> Martijn> timed via the AC line.
>> Does anyone use the TOD?
>Not that I'm aware of. I wish Commodore would have done. It would
>make that TI$ thingie quite a lot more accurate.

GEOS does. However, a bug in the Kernal (there was a patch for it in one of
the last "original" Gazettes before General Media got its hooks in that) makes
the TOD actually lose time compared to TI$.

Also, since TI$ counts jiffies, it *should* be accurate (except for the fact
that it counts to 240000 and THEN rolls over to 000000, so you need to account
for an extra second per diem) ... unless there's cause for the 60Hz IRQ rate
to be fouled?

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