Re: 9V AC needed for C64?

From: MagerValp (MagerValp_at_Goth.Org)
Date: 1998-09-03 10:03:48

>>>>> "Martijn" == Martijn van Buul <> writes:

MV> I found a full tower PC case today and I'd like to try to put one
MV> of my C64s in it. It's in really good condition and it's even got
MV> one of those MHz displays :) I've figured out how to connect the
MV> keyboard, but what do I do with the 9V AC from the PSU? Is it
MV> actually needed in the C64 or is it just available on the user
MV> port? IIRC the SX-64 doesn't use 9V AC and it works just fine :)

Martijn> Euh... If you've got an old C64 (No C64c etc, old VIC and
Martijn> SID),

I have a breadbox C64 and one of the earlier C64c with the old PCB, so
no luck there.

Martijn> you'll most definately need 9V AC,

OK. I guess I'll have to get creative. I could always mount the C64
power supply inside the case and connect it's ground to the PC PSU.
  Does the 128 use 9V AC?

Martijn> since this is used to create the 12V needed by the VIC and
Martijn> SID. Furthermore, the Time Of Day-clock from the CIAs are
Martijn> timed via the AC line.

Does anyone use the TOD?

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