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From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1998-09-02 05:27:07

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> It seems that someone has advertised this mailing list and given the wrong
> instructions how to sub-scribe to the list.  I had to re-enable
> Majordomo's check for words like sub-scribe (without the hyphen), and now
> I get error messages about every day.
I am at least one of the guilty parties...  oops!  All the info I found
(messages about the merger of the lists) when I made my 'cbm hackers list info
page' referred to Majordomo as the place to add-on.
> To sub-scribe to the list, one has to write to
>  In the past days, people have tried
> to send the sub-scriptions to the list itself.
Got it, it will be correct as of this posting.  My instructions were pretty
clear on where the subscribe was to be sent, I don't think that was mine...

> Also, please don't mention the list's address on a web page or news
> article, because nobody wants spam here.  I've received some spam messages
> to, although the address is only mentioned on web
> pages.

Well, I had an address on mine (not the above though), it's as good as gone!  ;)

Sorry for the inconveinence.
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