Re: 8520A / 1581

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 1998-09-01 23:49:51

Hallo allemaal,

> I believe the only difference is in the TOD (time of day) format. The 6526
> uses BCD where the 8520 does not. You can replace your 6526 CIA with a
> 8520 in you C64 or C128 if you do not need the TOD compatable.

The 1581 uses a 8520 as well. Has anyone ever tried to replace it with an 6526? 
If it can be done, remembering no other "weird" parts, you could build your own 

Frank, what has happened with your ideas of transferring a 1581 into a 1591 by 
replacing the 720 KB drive with an 1.44 MB one plus some other things???

I always thought that a PC could read a 1581 formatted floppy but I found out 
it cannot. Why?
Or do I need a special program?

Groetjes, Ruud

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