Re: Vic 20 Datacassette

From: Robin Harbron (
Date: 1998-08-21 15:50:24

Olaf Seibert wrote:
> I recall seeing the ads in Compute! (with or without !, I'm not
> completely certain) but at that time nobody really believed it could
> work. In any case, the copied thing we tried didn't work very well.

Compute! had the exclamation mark for most of it's
life, until the company that produces Omni magazine
purchased it - then they dropped the !.  That
happened in the early 90's.  

I actually don't know if Compute is still being
published - it really stunk after Omni bought it,
but I thought the little Compute's Gazette insert
was pretty cool - it was still there in '93, I
believe.  C= magazines are still enjoyable 10 or
15 years after they are printed, PC magazines (if
they are enjoyable at all) are pretty much useless
after 6 months.  Just fluff and reviews and ads.
Robin Harbron
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