Re: Vic 20 Datacassette

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 1998-08-18 15:10:53

Marko writes: 
> Yes, it is.  And when it comes to transferring stuff from tapes, I just
> noticed a new upload (from August 12), TurboTapeLoader V1.1, an MS-DOS
> program that reads tapes recorded with C64's Turbo tape, using the
> Soundblaster.  This and other similar programs can be found at
> <URL:>. 

Does anyone remember the "Rabbit" PET tape format?  I have a Rabbit ROM,
a Rabbit tape (it loaded at $7800), and a box of Rabbit-ized PET software.
I used to use it exclusively when I was 13.  Unfortunately, I do not have
a description of the format and may have to reverse engineer it from the
object code.  Not impossible, but a right royal pain in the arse and very
time consuming.

AFAIK, it was faster because of a different bit pattern/frequency and no
redundant blocks.

Using the TAPEIO.EXE program that comes with C64S (yes, I paid real money
just to get a de-taper), I have already dumped all of my ordinary tapes,
but not my Rabbit tapes.


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