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Date: 1998-08-03 10:16:39

Hello all!

There were some problems with the routers on the weekend, but
now the mailing list server should be up and running.  Here are some
comments about the drive firmware source code from William Levak, who
uploaded most of the IEEE-488 drive firmware to


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Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 01:01:37 -0400 (EDT)
From: William Levak <>
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Subject: Re: New source code (fwd)

The drives were known variously as 2040, 3040 and 4040 drives as they were
sold.  It is actually the same drive.  The name differences were mainly
for marketing.   The same goes for the DOS versions.   To avoid confusion,
I use the names and versions on the drive power-up message.  The original
DOS was the 2040 DOS(no version number).  This was followed by 4040 DOS 2.  
There were two versions of this with the same power-up message.  These
versions were referred to by various version numbers in the literature and
by CBM.  Your source code appears to be the first version of the 4040 DOS
2.   DOS 2.5 was for the 8050 drive and DOS 2.6 was for the 2031, 1540
and 1541 drives.

The 2040/3040/4040 drive contained 2K of code in the 6530 chip.  This
controlled the drive mechanism and was accessed by the second processor, a

I is not surprising that the source code for the 6530 is not included as
this was intended to be independent of DOS.  

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