Re: New source code

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 1998-07-30 23:09:56

> Hello all!

> ...Dennis Jarvis released more source code of Commodore firmware: 1526, 4040
> and the hard drives.

I've been looking at some of that.  I was hoping for the source to the
D9060/D9090 drives, so I could attempt to patch the drive geometry table
and stick in an ST225 or similar, instead of the TM602S and similar.  I
have more D9060 cards than 5Mb drives.  What I have been unable to determine
so far is what hard drive this code is for.  I found a reference to "one 
8" floppy and one 8" hard drive".  Perhaps this is for some CBM product
that I have never heard of.

> Maybe the code could be converted to a format understood by a freely
> available assembler, such as DASM. 

I don't see a problem reformatting this code.  The biggest problem I had
when converting code from C='s assembler to dasm was macro syntax.

If I find out anything interesting, I'll holler, otherwise, I expect to
have something else interesting drift past to distract me.  If the
code for the D9060 appears, I'd *really* like to see it.  I *will* port
that to a modern assembler, just to see if I can make some changes.

On a seperate disk-related note, the code to implement relative files is
enormous and complex.  Does anyone have a practical use for them except
for toy database programs?  

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