Questions for 65816 (3)

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 1998-07-11 06:37:46

Hallo allemaal,

More questions about the 65816:

MVN and MVP need 2 extra bytes which represented the upper 8 bits of the
bits source- and destiny-address. If you know the value then it is no
problem to write:

     MVN  $1233

The problem occurs when you don't know both values. 

1-   You can get the high- and lowbyte of an address using > and <:

          lda  #<(Label1)
          ldx  #>(Label1)

     Is there a standard for the upper 8 bits?

I use the ! sign fot the moment:

     lda  #!($123456)   =   lda  #$12

A way to get the operand for MVN/MVP would be:

     MVN  (!($12xxxx) * 256) + !($34yyyy)

But I don't like this solution.

2-   Is there an other, more easy, way to note this down?
     (personal use at the moment:   MVN  !(destiny) , !(source) )

3-   PEA is an immediate instruction:   PEA #$1234 ?

4-   PEI is a zeropage instruction:     PEI $12    ?


Groetjes, Ruud

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