Re: Question about 65816

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-07-09 14:02:14

Ethan Dicks wrote:
> > <self-plug> And my relocatable file format easily allows 'late-binding',
> > i.e. relocation of jump tables for example at load time </self-plug>
> That is another way to go, if you have ROM support for another load
> format.  "Back in the old days", we didn't have fancy a.out or ELF-
> style load files on 8 bitters.  If we had, some things might have 
> been easier, but they would certainly have been slower.

Only the load - but that is certainly an issue on 8-bit machines...

> My suggestion was borne out of my efforts to port a complex program from
> the C-64 to the PET.  I spent weeks poring over a disassembly of the C-64

Porting from a program written to be non-portable (by using kernel routines
directly) is a different issue. When I wrote BDOS, I already used
a jump table and it was really easy to build a new user interface
when the 64er magazin said that command line was not good enough :-)

> side-effects from the PET ROM code.  If I had an easy way to emulate
> hardware breakpoints in VICE, I'd do it that way (i.e., jump to the
> monitor if the PC is between $XXXX and $YYYY and location $00ZZ gets

Hm-hm. I hope I don't promise too much, but wait for the next release....

Also the PET and VIC20 emulators are quite improved :-)


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