Re: Original KIM
Date: 1998-07-06 21:32:01

Hallo Per,

> Ruud> Today I met the man who supplied me with the original specs and
> Ruud> sourcecode of the KIM.
> Oh, cool. Put them on funet and I'll write a KIMulator :)\

They are already on FUNET:

> If I had the money I'd definately go for it. This is Fl 450 for all
> four, right?

No, each :-( Otherwise I alraedy had bought them.
> \

> Ruud> I am mostly interested in one with the 68008 as this is an 8
> Ruud> bitter.
> And it's bus compatible with 65/6800 peripherals :)

I know, but that's all I know. I do have the pinouts and what they mean but 
that is not enough for me. Seeing a real SCHwould make it more understandable. 
One with just a ROM, RAM and a piece of I/O would do.

Groetjes, Ruud

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