Original KIM

Date: 1998-07-04 22:32:39

Hallo allemaal,

Today I met the man who supplied me with the original specs and sourcecode 
of the KIM. He has contacts with a firm which still has four brand new 
KIMs as spareparts for an factory. But for Fl 450.- they could be bought. 
(DM 400.-, $ 250.-) He says it is a crazy price but on the other hand????
I would like to have your opinion please.

68000, 68008, 68070
Does anyone have a simple SCH with one of the above CPUs plus some ROM, 
RAM and I/O? I am mostly interested in one with the 68008 as this is an 8 

About the drive: I only had a 'quick' look at it and I only fired it up 
out of curiousity. I got it for free with the message that there was 
something 'funny' with it. The card, an Adaptec, I got later. I never 
tried it again for the simple reason that I had no really interest in the 
drive because I still have some 200MB-IDEsc laying around. My interest was 
more for the card.
Meinerzhagen is about 130 KM from here so there must be a good reason for 
me to drive that far. But as I told you you I have enough other RAMs 
laying around.

CBM-Hackers are a group of nice guys (no girls as far as I know) who share 
a common interest: Commodore computers. 

Groetjes, Ruud

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