Re: Coding fuel

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1998-07-02 01:19:34

On Mon, 29 Jun 1998, Andre Fachat wrote:

> Well, I admit not during coding. But after a fine piece of work is done 
> I like a Guiness, Kilkenny, or (Czech) Pilzener.

Yes, Guinness is good, so heavy stuff that you don't need to eat anything. 
But although I have the beers listed on my page, I don't drink beer that
often.  And while coding, I don't usually eat or drink anything; I won't
leave the computer until I'm so hungry or thirsty that I absolutely must
eat or drink something.

I just returned from the conference trip from Lisbon and Berlin.  I tried
some local beers.  Maybe I have been without beer for too long time; I
didn't taste much difference between them.  Time to go to Germany for
another 6 months (like I did in 1994) and to gain 10 kg of additional
weight during that time, I guess. :-) 

> And sometimes I drink Andechser Dunkles Doppelbock - nickname
> "Schweröl" (heavy oil), dark, sweet, with >10% of alcohol :-))
> You're definitely out of coding after one of them.

Did you know that in Swedish beer is called öl (which is the German word
for oil)? Maybe it is because beer lubricates the brain. :-)


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