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From: MagerValp (
Date: 1998-06-28 16:44:44

>>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen Judd <> writes:

Stephen> Even moreso than C-64 users, they didn't get much support but
Stephen> got lots of documentation. They learned how to survive very
Stephen> early on, and so have remained pretty healthy.

And there seem to be surprisingly few warez doodz in the CoCo scene.

Stephen> Well, I just think it's interesting to see how other 8-bit
Stephen> communities cope with their present situation :).

MV> PS: yes, I want one. :)

Stephen> I think I paid $18 for mine -- they are pretty cheap here. In
Stephen> all seriousness, if you can find one I might be able to buy
Stephen> it and send it to you.

I can't afford to buy anything until this autumn or so, but I'll
certainly keep the offer in mind. Is that $18 for a CoCo III? And how
hard is it to find working peripherals such as a disk drive?

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