large SRAMs

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-06-25 13:28:30

Hi Ruud,

you asked me about larger than 32k SRAMs some time ago
(probably interesting for the others as well...)
Try the HM628512B Series or HM628512AI Series for 5V 512k*8 types.
The HM628512A Series (second page) is not even preliminary :-)

or on
search for MCM6246 - Oops, that's available in SOJ package only.

Hm, let's look here:
D*mn. They only have 3.3V 512k*8, and only SOJ package.

Hm, the chip directory:
only has the Hitachi IC...
(Anyway, there are others, like 128k*8)

I thought there were more manufactures. Anyone else?

Are there sockets for SOJ packages that fit into the 2.54mm raster?


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