Planned disruption of email services

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 1998-06-15 19:26:29

This is a message from the listserv administrator.

Receipt of this message implies that you are subscribed to one or more mailing
lists at  This message is to inform you that we are in process of
moving our domain to a new server, which will require some script retooling
and some email disruption.  During the move, mail may be delayed as we process
it manually.  Although no mail should be lost during the move, please save a
copy of all messages you send to these lists as an added safeguard.  If you
have any questions, please direct them to and state which list you are referring to. 

We apologize for this interruption and the inconvenience it may cause.  We
hope to have the listserv subsystem moved to its new location and operating by
end of workday today. Once the new system has been operating without problems
for a week, we will commit the new system scripts to backup and finish the

Since the domain is moving, all archives will be inaccessible
via html during the move, as well as FTP access to archives.  As well,
administration functions will be offline until the move is completed, although
we can manually update your information if the need arises.  

We appreciate your patience in this matter.  Any comments or suggestions are
welcomed, but please respond to; do not reply
to this message.

Jim Brain
Listserv Administrator

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