PET editor ROM 901474-04

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1998-06-10 00:35:00

Hello all!

Now I have three different copies of the PET screen editor ROM for 80
column machines, business keyboard and 50Hz screen, part number 901474-04,
and I don't remember where I got the first two copies.  The newest copy,,
is from Mark Knibbs, but he said that he got a ?LOAD ERROR when reading
the ROM dump tape to a C64, so the data might be incorrect.  (All other
data from that $a000-$ffff dump was OK.)  The differences seem to be in
the CRTC initialization tables. 

In order to clear this mess with the screen editor ROMs up, I'd like to
get $e000-$e7ff dumps from all 80 column 50 Hz PETs, plus part numbers of
all ROMs on the motherboard (or at least the number of the editor ROM).
Also the manufacture code of the editor ROM is important, in case the ROM
contents was changed without changing the part number.  Also, if the chip
is actually an EPROM, I'd like to know that.


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