PET->PC data transfer help

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1998-05-27 09:36:52

Hello Liam,

You could try prlink, a program written by me and Olaf Seibert.  It will
do the transfer, but you will need to solder a cable that connect's the
PET's user port to the PC's printer port and to type in a BASIC program to
the PET so that the transfer program can be downloaded from the PC.

If you had a PET disk drive that is compatible with the 1541 format, you
could use e.g. Star Commander to read the disk in a 1541 connected to the
PC's printer port.

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Subscribers of the list could help you further.


	Marko Mäkelä

On Wed, 27 May 1998, Liam Waldron wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a PET 2001 series computer running BASIC 4.0 (2495 bytes free at
> power-on) and CBM model 8050 and 8250 dual floppy drive units. The PET is
> controlling a fourier-transform spectrometer experiment here in the Dept.
> Physics, University of Adelaide. In the past, an IEEE/RS232 converter box 
> has been used to transfer data from PET floppy to an IBM PC-clone. However,
> this converter box recently died and cannot be repaired. My question to you
> IBM PC-CLONE? I have a GPIB (National instruments) IEEE488 interface card 
> in the PC, my initial thoughts being to access the PET and 8050 or 8250
> floppy drives via the IEEE interface. If this is possible, do you have 
> available any suitable software on both the IBM-PC and PET sides to set
> up the IEEE bus in a suitable way? I understand that the GPIB card must be
> configured as NOT-Controller. Alternatively, is there any software that can
> specifically force the PET and IBM-PC to read a common-formatted floppy disk?
> If so, can you please write me a  description of the specific steps that
> I must follow? 
> I really hope that someone is able to offer me some quick advice.
> Cheers,
> Liam Waldron
> Dept Physics and Math Physics
> University of Adelaide
> South Australia
> OR
> fax: +61 8-8303-4380

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