Trade 1581 ROMs

From: MagerValp (MagerValp_at_Goth.Org)
Date: 1998-05-05 21:10:08

Well, I ordered a used 1581 and it arrived today, finally. Things
didn't work out quite as it should though: the manual consisted of the
etext from Project 64 on a disk (which is quite unuseable on a C64
without a printer) and it had JiffyDOS installed, and it wasn't
supposed to.
  The lack of manual was dissapointing, but since I have free access
to nice double sided laser printers I'll leave it at that. The
presence of JiffyDOS though is a problem, since my TFC3 simply crashes
when it tries to load from the 1581, so I'm stuck with an unaccele-
rated 1581 which I find somewhat annoying. This leads me to a few
questions that I hope some of you could answer:

  1. Does JiffyDOS have a *good* ML monitor? If that's the case I could
     just throw out my TFC3 use that instead.

  2. Is the problem specific to TFC3? Ie could I get an AR6 instead?

  3. Maybe someone on this list would be interested in trading their
     manual and original ROMs for my JiffyDOS ROMs?

  4. Should I just try to fix my EPROM burner and make a new set of
     ROMs from the images on funet and stop whining?

Life's hard.

PS: the SMOS kernel is flashing the screen on my SX-64 :)

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