Commodore Calculator
Date: 1998-04-22 20:47:41

Hallo Jim en de rest,

In 1875 I bought a little calculator for Fl 175,- (about $90). Two years ago I 
moved into this house and I put it somewhere. Yesterday I found it by accident. 
Suprise: it was an original C= !!! More suprise, it does not show up in THE 

The front says it is a SR-6140R. But the back says it is a SR-6120R, error? 
Serial number:02361, Made in England. Powersuply 6V, 400 mA. The head of the 
label says:

Solid State C= Portable
 Electronic Calculator                                                  

It is hardly readable as the original text, silver on black, has gone and is 
only readable by holding the C= in such a way in the light that you see dark 
black characters in a shining black field. A lot of small printing has 
defenitly gone but the above could be read as it were bigger characters. 

If anybody has more info, please notify me and Jim.

Groetjes, Ruud

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