Re: Re[4]: Vorpal Utility Kit disk format

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1998-04-19 14:52:42

On Sun, 19 Apr 1998, Mark wrote:

> > I know two such programs: ZipCode SixPack (it produces six files with 1!!
> > to 6!! prefixes), and a program that is part of the registered C64S
> Do you know where this can be downloaded from?, where else? :-)

> > You could also try some disk copiers that require a parallel cable. 
> Is a schematic of the cable available anywhere? Did it require major
> surgery to the 1541 to be fitted? 

One of the VIAs in the 1541 has a completely unused 8-bit data port.
(Some bits of it are used by the 1541C and maybe 1541-II for an optical
track 0 sensor.)  Anyway, check which of the VIAs has nothing connected to
pins 2-9 and connect a flat ribbon cable to those pins.  If I remember
correctly, pin 2 was bit 0 and pin 9 bit 7.  Connect the other end of the
cable to the C64's user port contacts PB0-PB7.  That's it.


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