Re: Re[2]: Vorpal Utility Kit disk format

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1998-04-15 22:17:21

Mark asked:

> Are there any programs out there which can handle "raw" encoded data,
> rather than just generating a d64 file? 

I know two such programs: ZipCode SixPack (it produces six files with 1!!
to 6!! prefixes), and a program that is part of the registered C64S
emulator package.  I'm not sure if the latter still exists, and I have
read comments about it that it is unreliable.  I haven't tried the ZipCode
SixPack, but according to some info I've read, it should handle custom GCR
values, just like those used by the Vorpal format.  But you'd better try
copying the data to another disk and see if it works.

> Ideally, I would like to be able to read all my original (protected)
> disks into files for safe-keeping. 

Ideally, you would remove the copy protection and make all games loadable
in a single part (compressing them with Pasi Ojala's PuCrunch first). :-)

> There is a disk copy program on the Vorpal disk which (I assume; I don't
> have the documentation) allows disks with Vorpal-format files to be
> copied. But I tried using this to copy the master disk, and the copy did
> not work. 

You could also try some disk copiers that require a parallel cable. 
Maverick should be good.  But it is/used to be a commercial program, and I
don't know where to get it. 

And remember that simple nibblers will only copy simple protections.
There are evil protections, such as using the sync mark on a different
track to access the data on another track, or oval tracks (setting the R/W
head to motion and reading the data while it moves), and other things.
I've just heard the urban legends, I don't know if all they are true. :-)


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