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From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1998-04-15 18:04:50 wrote:
> Hallo Andre,
> > I just read in the new products list (as of C=Hacking #15) that the
> > CBM B128-40 and B256-40 as well as the 500 series have a 6567
> > video controller.
> >
> > Any more info on this one?
> I do have the SCHs of the B-machines (Service Manual B Model Computer, Jan.
> 1985) including parts list: 68B45, no 6567. Would also meam a complete
> different design IMHO.
> Groetjes, Ruud

Well I got the P-500 out of storage and did a few quick shots with the Quick Cam:

Back Panel:

This is a quick composite of two pics (it's a pretty wide computer)
when I get more desk space cleared I'll try to make a better one for my P-500 page.
(I was surprised to find that the Video DIN connector was a 7-pin one not 5)

And to make sure there is a 6567 I took the bugger apart, and found the
chip (under the power supply, inside the shielded box.  It is one of
those fancy looking ones with the metal plate and index line:

Does the B-128 normally have the graphics legends on the front of the keys?
I have yet to see a B-128, but my P-500 does.
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