Re: National ROMs

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-03-29 15:35:01

MagerValp wrote:
> >>>>> "Ruud" == rbaltiss  <> writes:
> Ruud> And now I'm going to write a PRG so I can dump the ROMs of my
> Ruud> German 8032SK on disk for our friend Andre. I also will dump of
> Ruud> my American 8032SK so he has something to compare with.
> Would Swedish ROMs be of interest as well? How would you go about
> reading the character ROMs -- they're not mapped in, are they?

Sure the nationalized character ROMs are of interest. But I am afraid
you have to take them from the machine and read them with an 
eprom burner or put them to some other socket to read them.
Or you give a description from poking the values 0-255 to the screen
and describe what you see.

Can you switch to international (us i.e) character set? I guess that 
this is done by a video address line from the CRTC (mis-)used 
as additional character ROM address switch.

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