OS/A65 for PET

From: Andre Fachat (a.fachat_at_physik.tu-chemnitz.de)
Date: 1998-03-28 00:33:04

Ok, you didn't want any other way.... ;-))

After finishing PET 8x96 support in my OS/A65 it really was a matter
of an hour only to port it to PET 8032.

Some comments: 
- pretty alpha code (although most of the general OS stuff
  is running quite well already)
- The keyboard is not fully supported (didn't have time to write the
  full keymap, esp. as I have several _different_ PET business keyboard
  keymaps around - ok, I can check that with my own 8296, but with 
  time pressing... :-)
- in the prerelease2 docs that come with the source there is a special
  document for the PET architectures.

So long

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