Re: 1581 or FD-2000

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-03-26 18:46:02

MagerValp wrote:
> Part of what I'm after is a comfortable way of sharing data between my
> 8-bit computers and all my other ones.

I solved the problem by building/using an IEEE488 interface for the 
C64 and the VC1541, in addition to my selfbuilt computer who can act
as PC floppy drive for the IEEE488 bus (The CS/A65 on my homepage, running
OS/A65 1.3)

In addition I am in the process of building an IEEE488 interface for the
printer port of a PC (original design Ruud Baltissen, but I had to modify
it because the load of devices on my bus - CBM8296D, C64, VC1541, SFD1001
and selfbuilt - required different receivers so I decided to go for the
75160/161, before it was just a TTL schmitt trigger. It seems that the
I/O ports of the 65** can recognize lower voltages as "1", as 
I have no problems with directly connected 6521 in the PET and my 
selbuilt one.)
The device driver will be running under Linux and there will be a 
kind of cbm-nfs server to use the PC filesystem for the IEEE488.

But that doesn't help with simple IEC.


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