Re: PET Graphics Board

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1998-03-25 21:47:15

Olaf Seibert wrote:
> Speaking of dutch people: is there anyone who can help me fix a few
> broken PETs that I have? I have a broken 8296 and a 8032 with some kind
> of hi-res graphics card (not VisMem, nor the PET Benelux Exchange one, I
> think), and both do exactly nothing as they are turned on... and I'm not
> much of a hardware guy. I'd be willing to part with a 8050 drive that's
> also broken somehow (but the digital and software parts work).
> -Olaf.

The American MTU Visible Memory Board was mapped in starting at address $9000,
and the video control register was 49151.

Poke 49151,1 Regular PET display.
Poke 49151,2 Hi-Res Board Display.
Poke 49151,3 Both displays overlayed.
Poke 49151,0 No display.

Just in case yours is similar.
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