Re: EIA/TIA-232

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1998-03-25 21:26:03

MagerValp wrote:
> Do the PETs have rs-232 routines in ROM like the C64?

Only on the SuperPET SP-9000

> What's the max
> baud rate?

It looks like 19200 bps

> Is the pinout for the user port identical to the user port
> on the C64?

Only the bottom portion, the top is mainly diagnostic contacts (mirros the
cassette lines and video connector)

> Any good terminal programs available?

Hardly.  I have yet to see anything approaching full featured for the PET. 
Mainly because IEEE-488 modems are sooo hard to find.

> Is prlink my only
> hope of connecting a 8032 with the rest of the world?

No you can code something custom using the the parallel i/o lines on the port,
they are VERY useful.

> Any good source for +12V in an SX? In an 8032-SK?
>   I'm shopping for MAX ICs :)

Can't help you there.  :(

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