Re: D011 memory crash stuff

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1998-03-25 16:14:40

Levente wrote:

[memory trashing on 6569R1 and 6567R56A when switching from hires to text]
> But, does really the 6569R1 have such a feature?
> ..I'm surprised 'cos my 8360 TED used to contain it too :-(. Interestingly,
> it doesn't crash anything as long as the switching happens somewhere in the
> borders.

I haven't experimented with this for a long time, but it would make sense
to check if the trashing can only happen in the actual screen area or in
the nearhood of bad lines.

> 02. Hey Marko, tell me, what have you meant by that 'Commodore IDE URL' you
> mentioned in one of your letters?
> ..Well, do you know the URL of the stuff?

I used to know it, but I had to search it again.  There were problems with
the list server when I originally tried to send it, I think.  I had to
search it with the North American Alta Vista; the Swedish mirror didn't
have the page.  The IDE64 Project home page is at


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