Re: Demokorppu

From: Howard Herman (
Date: 1998-03-24 21:59:43

Pasi wrote:
> Does anyone have any information about this 6809 expansion?
> The expansion has a memory expansion also, and should run CP/M.
> Does it require the disk drive to be attached at boot time
> or something?

As far as I know the C64 is the only computer to have its CP/M system on
ROM (in a plug-in cartridge), and everyone seems to agree that this
rendition was an utter failure.

So if it is like other CP/M machines, it would need a system boot disk. 
However, I do not know the specific computer, so may be wrong.....

How's THAT for hedging?   :-}

Up until recently (and maybe even now) some fellow (cannot recall his name)
on the newsgroup, comp.os.cpm, was the keeper of CP/M system boot disks. 
He would be the first person to contact for a boot disk, if you need one.
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